Social anxiety

Social anxiety is something myself and numerous of close friends or family members have. If you have it as well, you know how terrible it can be and if you don’t, be very grateful haha. It can make you anxious about grocery shopping, getting gas, even just walking or driving. Any and every public interaction feels like the most awkward and painful experience. Because I know the pain and struggle of feeling so out of place and like everyone is judging you everywhere you go, I have decided to add a new service in addition to my coaching.

Have you ever needed to go to a work or social event and you show up by yourself and have to look around a public place for people you know? It can be a terrible anxiety causing scenario! Or have you ever needed to write a letter or card to an acquaintance and want to have someone read it over to make sure you don’t sound weird or awkward? Have you ever needed to give someone something but don’t know the best way to go about it so that you don’t feel anxious or like an idiot? I have multiple people in my life that call me for all of the above. When they need someone to call and talk to while they look around for their group so that they don’t feel like a loser that everyone is judging, or when they need to run into the store but are having a high anxiety day and need a slight distraction. Sometimes you just need someone who totally gets how and why you are feeling the way you do about a situation and they are there for you to lean on. Not everyone has a person in their life who understands social anxiety and how helpful it can be to have a person to call when you feel alone and awkward out in public. So what I have decided to do it add a package for just that!

There will be different price points for different options. You can choose to have 2 calls a month or all the way up to unlimited! You can use these calls to have someone to talk to you while you grocery shop, show up alone at an event or someone to read a card to before sending it off. After realizing how much it helps me to have people in my life I can rely on for this and how many people rely on me for this, I wanted to extend that support to those of you without someone in your life who understands!


$20/ month

– two 10 min calls a month

$35/ month

-four 10 min calls a month

$65/ month

-unlimited 10 min calls a month

I will have it where you can schedule the call ahead of time and be 100% guaranteed or you can just call on a whim but if I’m already on a call or I would have to call back.

You can leave your email below if interested or email me at

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