Opening yourself up to receiving

I have had an interesting last few months. I traveled to Spain and Scotland, moved twice, got my wisdom teeth out and finally had an end to an on again/ off again relationship. Now that I am settled into my new home I couldn’t be happier! I’m in a positive place where I can get back to enjoying every aspect of my life and be open to receiving. Too often we get into a funk or settle in a relationship or job or situation because it’s easier than starting over or making big changes. We don’t realize how we are actually closing ourselves off to receiving but settling.

Since I have moved into my new space and rid my life of things, work, and people that are not adding value or happiness to my life but are instead pulling me down to a low vibe, low every place, I have opened myself up to much more receiving. My job that I love wants me to work more hours. I feel inspired to get back into my coaching and writing blogs. Like many others, I deep down know what I am capable of, but I let fear and the energies of others hold me back from my full potential. When I get in that head space, my coaching is always the first thing to take a hit. I stop putting myself out there, I stop networking, and I stop my own personal growth. It is a flaw that I am working hard at all the time. No one is perfect and even when we have learned how we self sabotage, we still have to learn how to stop the behavior. It is so interesting to see the difference in what I am able to receive and manifest when I love my authentic self and push myself to make the tough changes to get to a happy, high vibration. I encourage you to look at places in your life where you are surrounded by low energy and how that is effecting your motivation and ability to receive. I’d love to hear what realizations you have!

As a celebration for myself for finally being in a place (physically with my new home, and mentally with my regained happiness) I want to do what I did at the beginning of the year and offer 3 free coaching calls to 3 people. What those calls will look like will depend on each individual and what your needs are. It could be goal setting and accountability sessions or maybe you need someone to help you dig deep and realize what exactly you want to do with your life and what it is that’s holding you back from doing it!

Email me at or comment your email below and I will contact you so we can set up our first call!

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