Starting fresh in March

Did anyone else kick ass in January and then February has just zoomed past and you got almost nothing productive done?! The comparison between my two months is like night and day. In January I had new coaching clients, went to yoga 2-3 times a week, stayed on top of my budget and was working on my postpartum doula business. In February I have not worked on gaining new coaching clients, I’ve only been to yoga once… the whole month, and I’ve been pretty stagnant with my doula business. Though I am disappointed with my lack of motivation and action taking this month, I really learned a lot about myself. I learned how easily it was for me to fall back into being ok with a mediocre life. I quickly slipped back into spending way too much time mindlessly scrolling social media, and watching more tv than I should. In order to truly succeed in anything, we have to catch ourselves falling back into contentment with mundane. Pushing past our comfort level, long-term, is where the real meaningful and satisfying life is formed. I am grateful that February is a shorter month so I didn’t loose too many days, and I’m also grateful that I realized what was happening so I could stop myself from letting this stagnant, unsatisfying lifestyle become my long term reality. If you had a similar experience this month, than I encourage you to reflect if which parts of your life are not what you want them to be and create a new action plan to kick ass in your life. Let’s get back on track for March!

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