Goal setting and accountability

Full coaching sessions are not something that everyone wants, or may even need. Some people don’t need help discovering their goals or learn what’s holding them back from taking action. When these people aren’t accomplishing their goals it is simply because they haven’t organized them and have no one to hold them accountable! This is why I offer a goal setting and accountability package! With this package, we will strategically plan your goals and great action steps for the week. The accountability portion is emails (or texts if preferred) to help keep you on track and for a friendly reminder to get your butt to work! This package is perfect for anyone struggling to take action! Like all of my packages, it is customizable to fit your needs. The standard Goal Setting and Accountability package is one 15-20min call per week and 2 accountability texts or emails a week for only $100 a month! It only costs you $25 a week to start taking action. Email me at happiestlifec@gmail.com or leave your email below if interested in setting up your free get to know you call and schedule your weekly calls!!

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