The importance of girls trips

I just got back from a weekend trip with my best friend and let me tell you, it was EXACTLY what I needed. It is really easy to get to a place where we are just going through the motions or aren’t feeling as much gratitude for our lives as we should, or maybe are unsure of a certain aspect of our lives. Girls trips solve all of these I think. On my trip my friend and I had two nights where we went out and two days/nights where we stayed in the hotel, ordered room service, drank wine and did face masks. It was the perfect blend of fun and relaxation! During my trip I had such a great time, but by the 4th day I was eager to return home. Going away from home for a few days made me miss and appreciate my routine. I oddly missed making breakfast and my almond milk latte. I missed my cats harassing me for food. And I missed my awkward living situation with my kind of ex boyfriend.

When I got back, I was lucky to have another two days off from work where I could just be at home with my cats and ex boyfriend. I was surprisingly happy to clean my house (not my room though, I will never be excited about that). I had a new appreciation for my every day life that comes after being away. I also realized a lot about my relationship. Our relationship is in a bit of a limbo of not being together officially, but still living together and going on dates like we used to. Being away made me appreciate our relationship and want to work it out, which I might not have had such clarity if I hadn’t gone away.

No matter what is going on in your life, I think making the time to go on a trip with your best friends is always the right choice. It gives you a nice break, and helps you appreciate your routine. We should always show gratitude for our lives, but some times we need a little reminder when we forget how good we have it.

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