My 2018 Goals

I hope everyone had a super wonderful holiday season. I personally had an interesting one. My boyfriend and I broke up on Christmas Eve, so that threw our holidays for a bit of a loop. I am doing my best though to turn this negative into a positive and use this as an opportunity to kick me into overdrive for the new year! I know in my heart that 2018 is my year to shine, and I will not be letting a heart break get in my way! I  totally recommend making  a list of your  goals, with  due dates, that  you can refer back to throughout  the year. It  helps  keep you  on track, or get back on track if you fall off or loose sight  of  your goals.

My Goals for  2018

  • Create  a perfect  vision  board  by  1/2/18
  • Have  my first postpartum doula  client by 1/15/18
  • Always have 3 coaching clients per month by  3/1/18
  • Quit one nannying job by  3/1/18
  • Have  2  doula  clients a month by 4/1/18
  • Pay  off credit card by 4/2/18
  • Save at least $100 every month
  • Get  lasik eye surgery by  5/1/18
  • Start  going  for  one  bike ride  every  week
  • Go  to meditation  once  a  week
  • Spend  less money out  on  food/drinks
  • Do  not  move in with  any  boyfriend  for all  of 2018
  • Add a designated  office space  to my  apartment,  work more at  home
  • Plan one out of the country trip in 2018
  • Volunteer  my time,  giveback to the  community
    • Make/pass out  sandwiches to the  homeless
    • Sign  up for  training  to volunteer at animal  shelter by 6/1/18
  • Have the happiest, most successful year ever!

I hope  you all  have a  great and  safe New  Year’s! If you are comfortable with it,  comment  your  2018 goals  list below! It  never hurts to put it  out  into the  universe =)

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