As a woman, I do not enjoy being told by others to smile. I don’t care how much prettier or friendlier you think it will make me look, that’s none of the strange old man’s, who is typically telling me this, concern. Today however, I am going to tell you to smile more! Not to look prettier or make weird old men happy, but to make yourself happier! You don’t need to be smiling at people passing by if you do not wish, but when you are alone or not looking at a passerby, or working on your mile long to do list; smile! I have read before that the physical act of smiling makes your brain believe that you are in fact happy. I have heard it many times and simply brushed the idea off, but the other day I realized just how true it was! I was walking down the street, it was a beautiful day, perfect temperature, the sky a beautiful blue, and I had my favorite coffee drink in hand, but I was just in one of those blah moods. I was thinking to myself how I should be much happier in that moment given my surroundings. So I decided to just start smiling. I was AMAZED. Literally within seconds I could feel my body start to change. I walked a little taller, I had more of a pep in my step and I genuinely started feeling happier! It was the weirdest thing to experience! I tried it again the next day when I was in a bad mood. I was super grumpy and just not in the mood to deal with anything. So I tried it again, I started smiling and started feeling that shift taking place! It is so crazy to me that something as simple as changing your facial expression can have such an impact on your mood and happiness level. Next time you’re in a funk and could use a little mood boost, smile! A nice, big, real smile. You’ll be surprised how different it can make you feel!

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