Looking your best, being your best

I will start off by saying that I am a comfort over style type of girl. I will happily choose yoga pants over jeans any day. But I recently discovered that when I actually put effort into my appearance, I feel so much better about myself! I run my errands with more confidence, I am more productive, and I am overall happier! I thought that by choosing comfort and not caring how I looked that I was doing myself a favor by not wasting my time and energy on my appearance, but in reality, getting cute is fun and has positive lasting effects all day! It feels great to go out and have other women compliment you. When I dress cute and put in some effort, people feed off my happier, more confident energy! More strangers end up making small talk with you because you have this positive, welcoming energy, and you never know who you could meet or what connections could be made through random small talk!

It is important to remember your own comfort level though for this to be effective. For me, getting ready means wearing jeans, a cute top and actually putting on foundation and mascara. Getting ready to someone else might mean heels and a full face of make up, including some false lashes. Get ready for whatever makes you feel confident and beautiful! I would personally feel awkward being that done up to go run errands, because thats not my personality, but if that is your personality, then do it! I would also like to add, that when you are out and about, hold your judgements about how other women are dressed and how much make up they do or don’t wear. Judging a low key girl for not getting super done up, as well as judging an all done up girl for being “too done up” is rude. We all are different and different things make each person feel beautiful. So go out and love yourself and put out loving energy to others in the world!

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