My fabulously productive new planner for 2018!

I am a huge lover of office supplies, notebooks, and planners. A little odd, I know, but I really do just love it all so much! I recently got my 2018 planner and I am soo excited to get to start using it! I  will include a link at the end for it, and no, I am not getting paid to do this, I really just love it haha.

Before I tell you all about it, I want to share my 2017 planner because I really enjoyed using it this year. I used the planner. It is the cutest! It comes with super fun stickers and graphics for each month. It also has little to-do’s at the bottom of each week, like “have a handstand contest!” It was perfect for my year- fun, colorful, and girly. I love to change things up, so for 2018, I went with a more productive and spiritual planner because my business and spiritual journey is most important to me in this upcoming year.

The Inner Guide Planner has goals, intentions and priorities to map out at the beginning of each month. I LOVE it! Writing out your intentions and goals haps you actually achieve them. And this year I have a lot of big goals for myself. It even reminds you to do a 1 minute visualization each day. On the week view, each day in broken up by hour 6am-9pm. Scheduling out your day hour by hour makes you have realistic to-do lists for the day instead of just writing a huge list to do, which often become overwhelming so nothing gets done… At the bottom of each week view it has an “I am grateful for…” section, positivity score, being present chart, and a staying on track quote. I love that each week has this section because we all know we need to stay humble and grateful, but having that remind ensures that we are constantly actually thinking about it. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in any negative circumstances we experience. At the end of each month is a look back and reflect section, followed by a page for notes and creative ideas. Basically, its AMAZING. It has everything you need to keep on track and create a more fulfilling and purposeful life. I really cannot wait to use it.

Does anyone else have a planner they are super obsessed with? Share in the comments to give us all options so we can each find our productive planners!

EDIT: Turns out I can get some money from amazon affiliate program so these are now my amazon affiliate links. Thanks for the support if you end up buying!


Inner Guide Planner:

InnerGuide 2018 Goal & Life Planner, Weekly & Monthly Organizer, Appointment Book & Journal, Jan – Dec (Dated Faux Leather) design 17 Month Agenda 2017-18 Academic Calender, Rose Parade, 5.125″ x 8.125″ (70530)

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