What is a “Babes Who Slay Coach”?

A Babes Who Slay Coach, is my way of labeling myself as a life coach. I am not personally a huge fan of the term life coach for myself, although I am in fact, a certified life coach. I chose to call myself a babes who slay coach because I focus on helping women who want to own their lives, and live the best life possible. I love working with women who are ready to rule the world, but maybe aren’t sure how they want to do that yet. Being apart of the process is so much fun! It’s amazing when you are talking to someone and can hear the pieces clicking right into place. I also work with women who may already own a business but are struggling in their personal life. Maybe they are working through anxiety, or they are struggling on keeping relationships. I love talking every aspect of a person’s life out with them and helping them find their blocks and break through them.

As your coach, I am here to motivate you and cheer you on durning your journey to slaying at life. I am also here to hold you accountable and be the tough love you sometimes need to get out of your own way. I help you create goals, conquer them, and then create some more!

So why did I choose to become a coach? I have a strong passion for helping others and making them feel excited about their life! It really was a perfect job for me when I read into what a life coach was. My favorite thing in the world is hearing someone talk about their goals or dreams and get that spark lit to ignite the fire of motivation! I hope that this post helps anyone looking for the missing puzzle piece in their journey to their happiest life and reach out to me or another life coach to help them!

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