Things I wish I learned in college

I grew up in a small town and went to the state university about an hour from home. I commuted to school my first year and then made the move to my first apartment right off campus. College was a great experience for me. I had so much fun and met my best friend, who will forever be the best thing I gained from college. Although I had such a great time, I do wish I had done a few things a little differently.

  • I wish that I had focused more on learning and less on drinking and partying. My first year, while living at home still, I got really good grades and retained a lot of the information I was learning. I still partied, just a lot less. Fast forward to my last year, “c’s get degrees” was my motto, and I hardly paid any attention to lectures. I would go to Round Table with friends for lunch, and then we’d head off to our next class drunk. I didn’t take any of it seriously, and I regret that.
  • I wish I took the time to really focus on my major course work. I graduated with a degree in Public Relations, and my senior year knew I didn’t want to work in that field. If I had paid more attention to my major classes, I could have realized that earlier on while I still had time to change majors.
  • To piggy back off the last one, I wish I had found a good guidance counselor! I wanted to do event planning and thought PR was a good major for that based off the options I looked through. My counselor said yep, that’s the correct major for you and sent me on my way. PR was not the best major for someone who wants to do event planning, Rec is the best major for that. I sadly found that out my senior year while talking to a friend who was a Rec major and doing all of the stuff I wished I was doing. I might have had a more successful post college story if I had graduated with the correct degree. Instead I graduated in a panic because I didn’t know what I wanted to do.
  • Stick up for myself, in a respectful manor, at work. I dealt with a lot of bad managers in my first jobs. I never was upfront with them about how I felt about the things they would do or say. I would instead just be passive aggressive and then hate going to work. I dealt with some managers who were very Mean Girls cliquey. If you were friends with them, work was amazing. The minute you stopped hanging out outside of work, they started picking on you at work. I wish that I had the self-respect to just quit when dealing with such bad work environments.
  • Work in a restaurant! Tips, enough said.

Although there are some things I wish I had done a little differently, life is all about the journey and learning from your mistakes. Hopefully this helps anyone in college or about to start college to gain a little perspective from a recent graduate. I will also add, do still have tons of fun! Just make sure you have a healthy balance between work and play.

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