The light of my life, Frankie

I adopted my crazy, loving cat Frankie on September 16, 2017. I had just put my 16 year old cat, King Henry, down. I was so sad and my house felt so empty without my fat King Henry there to give me snuggles. Henry was the coolest cat! He sat for treats, loved sunbathing outside, would “pound it” when I told him to, and even switch paws when I said to do the other side. He understood everything I said. He has been sick for about a year and was loosing a lot of weight. I was on the phone with the vet one day to get some information about putting him down, and I kid you not, Henry runs over to me and smacks the pen right out of my hand and bit me. He has never done that when I was writing anything before. I knew that it wasn’t his time yet. A month later, the tumor in his nasal passage got huge over night and he was just a mess. I was devastated, but knew that it was his time, and knew he was now ready to go. His last night with us he slept right by my side the whole night, on his last day he ate cans of tuna fish and got all the snuggles he could ever want. We had the vet come to our house to put him down, and it was really a sad, but having it done in the comfort of his home was so amazing. I got to hold him in my arms as he passed.

I had originally thought I would never get another cat again, because who could compare to my perfect Henry? But after only 2 days without him I knew I needed another cat, and that Henry would have wanted that for me. I asked Henry to help me find the right cat for me. I looked for cats on and had originally thought that since I had just put down my boy cat, it would be best to get a girl cat next. Since Henry was an orange cat, I also didn’t want my new cat to have any orange. I didn’t want to feel like I was replacing Henry, or compare the new cat to him too much. I found a female, Siamese cat that I wanted to go meet at the shelter, Olivia. Olivia was in a shelter 30 mins away (there is one about 8 mins from my house), but I didn’t care, I wanted to go meet her. My mom came with, and when we got there, we found a female Siamese who looked very similar, but she had a different name. So I walked passed her room to see if I could find Olivia. As I rounded the corner, I saw a Flame-point Siamese. We locked eyes, and he ran straight to the glass and bonked his head on it. There is was a male cat with orange on him, exactly what I thought I didn’t want. But he chose me, and I knew that he was the cat I was suppose to get. There had been a mistake on the website, and the female Siamese I saw when I first arrived, was in fact Olivia. I met her, but didn’t feel the connection. I met Frankie, then named Artimas, and knew he was who I was taking home. If it wasn’t for the website error, I might have just stopped at Olivia’s room and never made it down the hall to see the other cats. I think that was the universe making sure I went home with the right cat!

Frankie is a 5 year old Flame-point Siamese who was confiscated, most likely from a breeder/hoarder situation. He had an Upper Respiratory Infection (like my Henry consistently had in his last year). They told me it would go away once he was in an environment with fresher air than the shelter. Unfortunately it will not go away, but I love him enough to be able to not mind having to clean up his snot when he sneezes haha. Frankie is such a character. He has two modes. He iseither the sweetest, most snuggly cat I have ever met or he is the craziest cat. He runs around the house like a mad man. He gets into all the cupboards, tries to climb the shower curtain, attacks the pillows on the couch, and he steals food if it’s left on the counter. He is the opposite of King Henry, and I am so thankful for that. I love that they are so different so I never feel guilty that I love a new cat because I love them so differently. I am so blessed to have had Henry in my life, and then to have found Frankie when I needed him the most.

*Frankie also has his own Instagram account  @flamepoint_frankieFullSizeRender.jpg

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