Starting fresh in March

Did anyone else kick ass in January and then February has just zoomed past and you got almost nothing productive done?! The comparison between my two months is like night and day. In January I had new coaching clients, went to yoga 2-3 times a week, stayed on top of my budget and was working […]

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Goal setting and accountability

Full coaching sessions are not something that everyone wants, or may even need. Some people don’t need help discovering their goals or learn what’s holding them back from taking action. When these people aren’t accomplishing their goals it is simply because they haven’t organized them and have no one to hold them accountable! This is […]

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The Kitty Christmas List

Now that I am a proud mother of 2 beautiful cats, I decided I should make a list of my cats mom, must haves! But first I want to tell you all about my new baby, Lilly Lu! My sweet Frankie was in desperate need of a friend, so I headed down to my local […]

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Holiday Giveaway!

To get in the holly jolly holiday spirit, I am giving away 3 FREE coaching sessions to 3 of you!! I want 2018 to be the most kick ass year for all of us! If you want to get clear on your goals and how to achieve them- enter to win. If you could use […]

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As a woman, I do not enjoy being told by others to smile. I don’t care how much prettier or friendlier you think it will make me look, that’s none of the strange old man’s, who is typically telling me this, concern. Today however, I am going to tell you to smile more! Not to […]

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